Making time for self care

It's already hard just being a Mom, but throw PPD/PPA on top of it and it seems damn near impossible.  We know how hard it is to even do what would seem as the most simplest tasks.  Like taking a shower, going grocery shopping, doing laundry, cooking dinner, or even having time to just read a book or watch your favorite netflix show.. ya'll being a mom is a FULL TIME job x938320913. 

So, at the end of the day.. who is taking care of YOU?  It's so important to fill your own cup.  Give yourself a break mama, you deserve it.

This week on the blog we are giving you 20 Self Care Tips!  Try to implement one of these into your schedule tonight !



1. Meditate for 7 minutes

2. Read a book

3. Listen to a Podcast

4. Grab 15 minutes of fresh air!

5. Watch a feel good movie

6. Take a NAP!  Really, sleep when your baby sleeps, ITS OK!

7. Go for a walk

8. Take a yoga/exercise class

9. Journal for 15 minutes

10. Take a bubble bath

11. GET DRESSED.  Even if you don't plan on leaving the house. You will FEEL good.

12. Eat your favorite comfort food (even if you have to hide in the closet)

13. Start a bucket list!

14. Talk to an old friend, maybe meet for coffee

15. Color!

16. Get a mani/pedi

17. Enjoy a HOT ( I know, I know ) cup of coffee, or tea

18. Learn something new, take up a craft!

19. Turn off your phone for an hour.

20. Creative positive affirmations and repeat, repeat, repeat them to your beautiful, strong self.

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