About Us

BREAK+BLOOM is a mama run and founded company that strives to break the stigma of PMADs.

From Moms who are still struggling, we want you to know that you are not alone.  We offer apparel, accessories and a platform to share your unique story.  Part of the proceeds are given to our local foundation for Maternal Wellness.  Help us show the world that it's ok, not to be okay and #breakthestigma!


In 2015, Toni started her venture of designing apparel + accessories on Etsy, known as “Another Sunday Design”, specializing in custom mugs. After getting married in 2017, finding out she was pregnant 3 weeks before her wedding, and being sick the entire 9 months of pregnancy, her business started to take a toll. When Baby H was born, it started with a complicated birth that triggered the PPA/PPOCD. She suffered in silence for 4 months before reaching out for help, and fortunately now is doing great, thanks to an amazing maternal center and therapists. Exactly a year later, Toni is ready to start a new venture. After experiencing PMADs first hand, she knew she had to do something to give back and shed more light on Postpartum Depression. She decided to do what she does best, and thats designing products. BREAK + BLOOM is aimed towards Moms suffering from PMADs. Despite the high numbers ( 1 in 5 ), rates for help-seeking remain low, with stigma and discrimination deterring moms from seeking help from professionals. “I want other Moms to know that they are NOT alone in their feelings. I want them to know that it’s OKAY not to be ok. There is nothing to be ashamed of, you are beautiful, strong and I know it’s hard to see the sunshine between the clouds, but I promise you... it’s there.”

Founder of BREAK+BLOOM is a PPD/PPA/Birth Trauma Survivor
and Maternal Mental Health Advocate.